Swami Bhakti Madhurya Ban Maharaj, founder and President Acharya of the Shri Chaitanya Sridhar Sangha is the guidance and the constant source of inspiration for all those participating in this Mission, in search of the Sweet Reality, Love and Happiness absolute!

tad-buddhayas tad-atmanas

tan-nisthas tat-parayanah

gacchanty apunar-avrittim



When one's intelligence, mind, faith and refuge are all fixed in the Supreme, then one becomes fully cleansed of misgivings through complete knowledge and thus proceeds straight on the path of liberation.

Bhagavad gita 5 , 17

A hearty Welcome!


All ye, be at any time most welcome

in the loving Embrace of my wholeself giving:

“Real Friendship in person!”

Know that without discrimination of any sort

whoever sincerely seeks it, freely may have it

with loving care affectionately!

Behold, such is its walk, its streamlined flow

and its incessantly swing and sway!

 To none, neither gold nor silver nor any of the kind

I’m able in no way to offer!

 Please do accept this my humble hearty offering:

“Affectionate pure love for the sole One, God, the Supreme Lord!”

 “Fount of all attraction, of all affection, of all fascination,

of all beauty inexhaustibly in Eternity!”

“Verily this sweet love for Him, is the real Substance

and the real Essence of my Friendship which, in the speed of time,

always I am willing to share with each of you, dear loved ones!”

“Matters not where you find yourself!

After all, love and affection, know not distance!”

 “The Standard of said Friendship gracefully is weaved

with the endless golden tread of Eternity!”

 “The Presence of the auspicious sweet Home Comfort feeling

is its real nature everlasting! Sincerely most reminding

 that superficial friendship at the end of life also vigorously

partakes in the process of natural Decaying!

Unavoidably at the proper time!”

 “All ye, give Time its proper time!

And Time will tell without any doubt nor delay!”


That this meet each of you in optimum health

and in an uplifting sweet God conscious spirit!


Your wellwishing benefactor,

Swami Ban Maharaj.

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